Blendini Motorsport not only looks after its own fleet of race cars we also offer work on customers road and race cars.

Our professional engineers and mechanics will carry out everything from a simple service of your road car to engine changes and performance upgrades.

Our expertise and very reasonable hourly rate makes Blendini Motorsport the perfect partner in helping you maintain your vehicle.

ECU Re-maps

We specialise in ECU remapping for all makes and models. We only use top quality tuned files specifically tailored to your requirements, not the usual “generic” files that most tuners use. Our simple, safe re-maps will helps you increase MPG, increase BHP and improve the driveability of your vehicle.

Our re-mapping services include:

Economy remaps: with an economy remap many things are changed within the vehicles ECU to give more MPG. Power is also increased slightly, making the car work much less to get to desired speeds therefore reducing load on the engine giving you a decrease in fuel consumption.

Power remaps: for when economy isn’t everything and you're looking to increase the vehicles power output but within safe working limits. Again lots of changes are made to the ECU to safely increase the performance of your car, it’s not uncommon for the customer to report a few extra mpg from this tune also, we find this most popular with customers that tow caravans - motorhomes etc. where they require more torque to help pull heavy loads easier.

DPF Removal / Delete: we can remove and delete faulty DPF units. The benefit of this is when DPF units go faulty they are often a lot of money to have replaced and the chances are it could go faulty again in the future. We can solve this problem permanently by removing the old item from the vehicle and deleting it from the vehicles ECU software.

This has no effect at all on the cars emissions or reliability and will still pass the MOT smoke test with the added comfort that you don’t have to worry about it ever going faulty again. We can offer this service at a quarter of the price it would cost to replace this item.

All remaps are guaranteed on the software and if you are not happy with the result we will give a full refund and return your car to standard. A full diagnostic is undertaken on the vehicle prior to any remapping to ensure no faults / problems are present and once this is complete we test drive the vehicle before and after as added security so we know that all is well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you would like to ask and we will be more than happy to answer them.